Hair Price Table


The Hair Price Table below is designed to help you estimate the value of your hair. It is based on 10 inches of 3 inch thick virgin and non-virgin black hair. It is an estimate of your hair’s value. Each person’s hair value varies. It depends on the color, quality, condition and hair care routine and diet. Adjust your price up or down when determining your price for your hair. Remember, you will need to be able to justify the price for your hair in the description.

Length Virgin Non-virgin
10” $170 $120
15” $250 $180
20” $335 $240
25” $420 $300
30” $500 $360
35” $585 $420
40” $670 $480

You can use the table below to get an idea of the value of hair of other colors. The prices are based on medium thickness (3”).

Color Virgin Non-virgin
Brown -$20 -$20
Chestnut +$10 +$10
Auburn +$20 +$20
Grey/White +$20 +$20
Blonde +$60 +$30
Red +$105 +$75

Please contact us if you are not sure of the value of your hair. We will do our best to assist you.