How it Works

Selling your hair online with Pelvenda is easy. The process is a few simple steps. Remember, you don’t cut your hair until someone buys it.

First of all, you’ll need to list your hair. Next, wait for a buyer and care for your hair. Then when someone buys your hair, cut and ship your hair. After that send us proof that you shipped your hair.  Finally, we pay you. We want the experience of selling your hair to be as pleasurable and profitable as possible.

List Your Hair

Create your ad to list your hair for sale. We have created several guides to help you create an ad that sells your hair. We also have a guide to help you determine how much to ask for your hair. Read these guides carefully before you write your ad.


Wait and Care for Your Hair


After you have listed your hair for sale, sit back and wait for a buyer. We take care of the marketing. All that you have to do while you wait for a buyer is take care of your hair. We have a guide on how to care for your hair and how to grow your hair one inch a week. Your hair is more valuable to a buyer if they can see it being cut and if all the cuticles are in the same direction. This is called Remy hair. Pre-cut hair is usually not Remy hair and is chemically processed. This is why is sells for a lower price. We want you to get the maximum price for your hair.

Cut & Ship Your Hair

We process all payment through our website with PayPal. PayPal charges a processing fee and we charge a commission. The total that will be deducted from your sale is 35%.

When someone buys your hair, you will need to go to a salon to have your hair cut. You must record the hair cutting. Recording a video adds value to your hair. After it is cut you need to pack it and ship it to the buyer. It is important that you follow our guide how to cut and ship your hair to ensure that your hair arrives to the buyer and you get paid immediately after you ship your hair.


Get Paid


Once you send your hair to the buyer, you’ll need to send us the video of your hair cutting and a photo of the shipping receipt from the Post Office. That’s it! As soon as we have proof that your hair was cut and shipped, we pay you. We pay by depositing your money into your bank account or we can send you your money through Caribe Express. You are responsible for paying all transfer fees. We can under no circumstances deposit or send you your money to another person’s account or to another person’s name.

It is our goal to make your hair selling experience as easy and profitable as possible.

May 10, 2019 11:26 pm